Global demand for streaming video, interactive gaming and cloud computing has created an insatiable appetite for ever-faster internet speeds. In response, communication service providers are rolling out gigabit connectivity, enabling internet speeds 20 times faster than the global average of 55 Mbps.

Gigabit Monitor is a web-based tool intended to showcase the state-of-play of gigabit internet provision across the world.

Based on publicly available data, this database was created to inform anyone interested in tracking gigabit internet connectivity. The Gigabit Monitor is not intended to be an exhaustive resource, although we aim to keep up with launches and updates as best we can. Sources of information include company websites, press announcements, industry trade media and local newspapers. Service providers marketing speeds ‘up to 1 Gbps’ but not explicitly advertising 1 Gbps service are not included.

Population coverage figures are our own estimates, as most service providers do not provide those figures. Where they do provide them, we will include them. If you have new information on gigabit deployments not shown here, or updates to existing information, please complete this form.

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